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Desperately need help with car repair

galatthelake started this conversation

I am a Christain mother of two children and I have a dodge caravan, which needs trasmission work and brakes. It will cost around $2000 total for everything. I work full time and get paid once a month and right now there is no money left over after paying bills to pay for this repair. If I can't get it repaired soon, I wont be able to get to work or get my kids to school. I have very little family and they are not able to help. I would greatly appreciate any donations at all toward this expense. Please consider helping me with this expense. I can pay the money back in very small onthly payments. Thank you for your consideration.


Update.....I found out a friend of my sister can do the work, I just need to get the parts, so that is about $1200, so please if anyone can help, let me know, I am very desperate to get my car fixed. Please consider helping in any way possible.

Thank you so much.

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littlelacie   in reply to vece
I'm sorry we do not know of any resources that will help with car repairs. No places we know of will help with anything related to a car
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hello my name is marvece turner I am a single dad, looking for some assistance help with fixing my truck that is currently in the shop, so that I can be able to go to work everyday and take my kids to school. it is about $2,300 so please if anyone can help let me know thank you so much.

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Hello. I am a single mother of two amazing school age children who are involved in scouting and volunteering. I am a cancer survivor and have also been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, leaving me unable to work. My vehicle needs repairs urgently, such as brakes, head gasket, and coolant/exhaust leaks. The repairs I need total around $700. I am asking for anyone who can help to visit my page or share it with others. Thank you for your time.
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Ms. M. in need of new transmis   in reply to Corinne
Does anyone know of any type of financial help, loans or anything for a single mother in Bend, OR. I have a 2005 Dodge that needs a new transmission. I have an estimate for 2,300. I have not been able to find a stable job. I am currently working on-call, barely able to pay the rent. If I can get my car working again, I will be able to work full-time as I will be able to look in nearby towns too. I am a social worker and often use my car for work. I have volunteered here quite a bit, but no one seems to know anyone or anywhere that will help.
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Hi, i'm a harding working christain who help others and now I'm at a place where I didn't know know. My car transmission went out and I don't have the money to get it fix. Family and friend don't have it as well for me a car to drive. I hope someone know a place or person who will help. I am willing to pay it back the car is fix it's at acura carland in duluth ga (770)623.9211. If you have a idea or someone who have the money please contact. As of the today i'm in the company loaner and have to return it today by close of business. I want be able to go to work monday. The amount is $2500 and if someone who has a lot of money and does charitable work. Thanks so much for listening.
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i am a christain me and my wife who is a diebetic needs to go to docters appointments it will cost $800.00 to get car fixed if anybody can help please let me know thank you
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 in response to lilmama320...   It sounds like the BCM (Body Control Module), which is basically the Main Computer or brain of the car. Sometimes you get small warnings before it dies, like when your clock, radio, A/C, etc, stop working. Or your lights, blinkers, or, in my case, odometer stops working. Eventually, out of the blue, when you least expect it, your car will just die. Luckily, I noticed the signs before it stopped working. Unfortunately, it costs about $500-$600 for the repair; the diagnoses might cost an additional $100. You might want to try talking to your local church or a Charitable organization like Catholic Charities, or in my case, I applied to St Vincent de Paul Society, who relies on other peoples donations who volunteer on a committee. Check with your city or state offices, also Welfare Office. Unfortunately, at the same time I was getting estimates, the repair places also noticed my tires were balding. Unfortunately, my application could only be used for one problem. I'm currently searching for assistance to purchase tires for my '02 Saturn L200. I wish you lots of luck in your search for assistance.
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 in response to Rissa18...   Check out your nearest community college or technical college, as the ones with mechanic programs offer repair services without labor charges (which are the most expensive piece for car repairs in general), you will then only have to pay for parts, and I would suggest calling your local wrecking yard, as they often have the various parts for pretty cheap. Best of luck to you, Cat
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I am 17 years old with a 2 year old son and i need help fixing my car 1995 egale talon the engine rods are knockeing i need help fixing my car so i can have a car to go to school and get my son to doctor app please help me. you can contact me at 502-356-1019 or 812-391-3640
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 in response to lilmama320...   I am an independent contractor that has ten years experience with my own crue with six years experience u can contact me at 2055770963
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i am a 55 year old single black woman, unemployed and single ,i need help with car repairs, even a repair shop that will work with me on the cost to repair my 2006 chrysler sebring ( touring) i don't even know what is wrong with cut off on me as i was driving, have not been able to get it started since then. had it towed home, had the following checked by family members.......... battery,alternator, and starter all checked out good some one please help i will pay back over time thank you in advance,,,,,,,,god's favor is needed
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Last year the company that I worked moved it's production to another city. I have desperately sought employment and it looks as though I might be hired soon. Just recently, the transmission on our 99 Isuzu Rodeo broke down. I found one at a salvage yard for $650, I was introduced to a local mechanic who will install it for $250. We are in dire need to make this repair. We have only one vehicle. If there is anyone who would help us, we'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your consideration. God bless.

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go two this webb site and apply

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I recently found out I have breast cancer, I had a mastectomy Dec 15th 2006, I now need to go for chemotheraphy treatment, my Kia sportage needs new transmission, the dealer is saying that a plug is missing which caused this problem, I have a warranty but it won,t cover the repair as they say it was done deliberate, I had an oil change 9 months ago, but other than that, nobody has touched the car, I am desperate as I have no way of getting to weekly chemo and other appointments, I am still paying on the car, can anyone offer me some help I will gladly pay them back. Thanks for listening Corinne

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